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Print & Share for iPhone

Email, Share and Print your documents, emails, attachments, contacts, photos, web pages and more.

You can even check your emails, forward and reply and attach files and images to formatted emails.

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DocPrinter for iPhone

DocPrinter is the ultimate solution for printing & transferring
your documents and files to your iPhone or iPod Touch from your
Mac/PC or online storage (eg. iDisk). Browse files in your online storage and import/export them to/from your iPhone or even print them directly.

Print all the same document formats as your Mac/PC.

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Print for iPhone

Wouldn't it be great just to print out an iPhone contact address and phone number, or quickly print out a web page to read later? How about printing photos from your iPhone Photo Album? Or even take a picture and print it out straight away. Now you can!

“Print” for iPhone lets you print information from your iPhone to a networked printer.

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NotePrinter for iPhone

NotePrinter is an excellent tool that takes the concept of iPhone & iPod Notes to a whole new level. You will be able to layout formatted notes, insert images and then print or email them with all formatting and images. You can file notes in different category folders, as well as transfer them to or from a Mac or PC.

NotePrinter is the leader for proper, user friendly copy and paste! Touch and drag to select text or images, just like your computer. Copy the selected text and paste elsewhere or in another note.

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SnowTrails – Ski & Snowboard Run Recorder

SnowTrails is a great application that will enable you to record all sorts of information about each of your ski and snowboard runs. You will be able to see what speed you are doing, what G force you pulled, altitude readings, jump airtime and much much more. SnowTrails plays back your run in real time or double time so you can show all of your friends what route you took and top speed you hit as well as how many G’s you pulled!

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