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We understand you will probably want to print direct, but for a start, run a quick compatibility test for your printer. Go ahead and run the free WePrint printer sharing software on your Mac or PC from here: Download page

Let us know the results of printing using WePrint so we can help you further. Also make sure you have "WePrint:" showing in the Server field on the Print screen for this test, or tap on the Choose button to select it.

Firstly make sure you are inside our App when printing.

Is "WePrint:" showing in the "Server" field on the Print screen in the iPhone/iPad App? If not, tap the "Choose" button beside the printer field. In the next "Printers" screen, tap on the "All" tab. If WePrint isn't found automatically, tap on the "+" button in the top right and enter your WePrint address and tap "Connect" in the "Add Printer" screen.

Check that your Firewall is not blocking access:
This is the page for Windows: http://mobile.eurosmartz.com/winhelp.html
This is the page for Mac: http://mobile.eurosmartz.com/machelp.html


You can print web pages using the browser inside the App. Tap on the "Web Pages" button or tab to view the browser.
If you are using Safari, you can add a "z" to the front of the address to open and print the page. eg. enter zhttp://google.com

This page has more details

You can print emails from inside one of our email Apps.

This page will describe how to print email.

We have a full and very extensive guide for the app. It gives an overview of the various buttons in the app, as well as a 'how to' on pretty much everything - including how to get started and begin printing!