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How to automatically print emails

You can print new emails automatically using an Email Rule. Perhaps you want to print customer orders for take outs or automatically print emails for people who need assistance.

First you need to set up your printer for printing. (setup)

Then you can create a new Email Rule using this help section. Email Rules

In the new Email Rule, tap on the '+' button under the actions section.

Choose 'Print' from the actions list. You can also choose 'Print with attachments' to print the whole email with the attached files.

This Email Rule will now print all new emails when they are received. You will need to leave AltaMail open to process the emails. Also make sure you select the correct email accounts in the rule settings screen.

You can also choose to only print some emails by adding filter fields to the 'Search' section of the Email Rule. For example you could only print emails with 'order' in the subject.

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