EuroSmartz - a global force in application development

EuroSmartz introduced Printing to the iPhone in 2008, to the initial bemusement of some. That printing innovation has proven to be a vital component of modern mobile devices. Print was released in November 2008 and pioneered printing functionality for iOS devices. In 2009, Print n Share was selected by Apple to be featured in the Office iPhone TV commercial which aired throughout the year.

In 2010, PrintCentral was released in conjunction with the iPad and opened up a host of new features and was then featured as "App of the Week" in the UK and European iTunes App Stores.

Since then EuroSmartz has been leveraging all of the evolving iOS features to provide the most feature rich Business and Productivity apps on the store.

EuroSmartz is based in Auckland, New Zealand and was founded by two brothers in 1994. EuroSmartz has excelled at developing software products across multiple platforms and operating systems and the move into the mobile app sector has proved to be very successful

Our helpdesk support is available around the clock, if needed, to get our customers setup as quickly as possible with the minimum of fuss.

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