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The first iPhone printing app “Print” was released in 2008 by the New Zealand company EuroSmartz which was one of the earliest iPhone software pioneers. Martin Schenkel, CEO and Chief Engineer of EuroSmartz, predicted that if the iOS platform was to become a viable business solution then more functionality was needed to replace the traditional desktop infrastructure. Printing is an important part of a business process so it was obvious to Martin that the printing solution he created was essential for the iPhone.

Apple recognised the EuroSmartz contribution to the iPhone platform and featured the EuroSmartz app "Print n Share" in the Office iPhone TV commercial commercial in 2009. This publicity propelled EuroSmartz into one if the most successful business application developers. Martin’s brother, Ian Schenkel later took on the role of sales and marketing of the software and act as press liaison until his departure in 2015. Ian featured in many trade publications and video interviews which further promoted the EuroSmartz brand.

In 2010, PrintCentral was released in conjunction with the iPad and opened up a host of new features and was then featured as "App of the Week" in the UK and European iTunes App Stores.

As well as advanced document management and printing solutions, EuroSmartz is well known for the advanced email app "AltaMail". Originally released in 2009, AltaMail was completely redesigned in 2017 as a further extension of the iOS platform by providing true desktop email functionality on a mobile device. The multitude of features include advanced rules for email processing, filters, custom layout and also email time management for office hours. AltaMail was further enhanced in 2019 to integrate a large range of Work-Life Balance email management features.

Martin Schenkel, CEO, Chief Engineer
Martin has decades of software experience starting with the Apple platform and expanding to enterprise server solutions. With a career spanning New Zealand, Sweden, London and San Francisco, Martin combines his knowledge and experience to design and build all of the apps in the EuroSmartz portfolio.

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