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Backup your app content data

You can back up all of your AltaMail data, including files, emails and other settings.

Open the app settings (View), scroll to the bottom and tap to open the 'Application' section. Tap to open the "Backup / Restore" screen.
You can do a quick backup using the 'Backup to File' or 'Backup to iCloud' options. It is best to save your backup file on a cloud server or somewhere else off of your device.

The most reliable method is to save the backup file to your Mac or PC using WePrint. View. This avoids any possible network issues with cloud servers.

Note: Always check the size of the backup file after the backup is completed. The file should be greater than 100 KB if the cloud server has uploaded it correctly.

In the backup settings you can choose to encrypt the back with a password. You can also choose to reduce the size of your backup file by turning off the Include email content setting. Then your emails will be downloaded from your email server after the restore.

To restore your app settings from a backup file, tap on the 'Restore from iCloud' or 'Restore from File' to choose the backup file. All of the current app settings, files and emails will be replaced with the new backup file data.

If you see an error when restoring from a backup then the problem is most likely caused by moving the file to your device. Copy the backup file to your local Files screen inside AltaMail.
  1. Open the "Files" screen inside AltaMail.

  2. Tap on the "+" button and choose "Import".

  3. Choose the file to import from iCloud or other cloud server. If there are problems importing from iCloud due to the file size, then you can use the File Providers server to import from iCloud.

  4. Import the backup file to your local files screen inside AltaMail.

  5. Open the backup/restore screen and then select the local backup file to restore your settings.

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