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Advanced Email Settings

You may want to adjust some of the standard email account settings within AltaMail. Tap on the 3 lined button in the top left of the screen to open the left side panel. Tap on the Accounts button to show all accounts and then tap on the cog button beside the account to edit the account settings.
Tap on the "Advanced" section to view the advanced settings.

Auto refresh opened folders - This setting will refresh folders when you view them. Otherwise you can drag the email list down to refresh it.

Auto check email folders - This sets the folders that you wish to be refreshed automatically, even when you are not viewing the folder.

Folders - View and edit the folders for the account.

Preload email content - This will load the message summary of a new email and leave attachments for later. View

Preload whole content - This will load the message and attachment content of a new email.

Delete from server (only shows if "Sync incoming mail" is off) - this enables you to set when a message in the trash will be deleted from the server.

Sync "Read" status - This will show any email that has been read in AltaMail, as being read in your other email software (and vice versa).

Sync Flag status - Flags set in AltaMail will also show in your other email software (and vice versa). Note, some account types don't allow custom flags so those flags will be set inside AltaMail and not on the email server

Sync incoming email - This will ensure email that has been deleted in AltaMail will be removed in other apps, and vice versa.

Trash mail folder - This enables you to choose the folder that deleted emails are sent to.

Sync sent email - This will synchronise any email that is sent from AltaMail with your other email software (and vice versa).

Save sent mail - If your email account doesn't automatically save sent email to the sent folder, turning on this setting will save your sent mail instead.

Sent email folder - You can choose the folder that sent emails are saved in.

Sync drafts email - This will synchronise any draft email in AltaMail with your other email software (and vice versa).

Drafts email folder - This setting will save your drafts on your email server for access in other software.

Usage - This enables you to set the maximum storage limit AltaMail will use on your iPad or iPhone for this particular account. Once this limit is reached, older email content will have be reloaded from the email server when viewing.

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