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Sending images and documents from other apps

You can send web pages, documents and photos from inside other apps which use the standard action dialog with extensions. The action menu button location will vary in other apps, but the steps below relate to apps like Safari and Photos etc.
Note: You can send photos inside AltaMail by using the attachment button on a new email.
  1. View your document, web page, photo etc. in the other app
  2. Tap on the Action button to show the list of options for sharing content. This will be different in different apps, and a few apps may not support this.
  3. Scroll the top row of buttons to the right and tap on "More/..."
  4. Enable the AltaMail button in the list. You may need to scroll down. You can also drag the lines icon to the right to re-arrange the order
  5. Tap on "Done" and you will now see the AltaMail button in the top row. Tap on the AltaMail button to open the email screen
  6. Once you tap on the send button, it will take a minute or two to send the email in the background without needing to open AltaMail
  7. If you tap on the "Save" button, your email will be saved into the drafts section in AltaMail for sending or editing later

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