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Folder Filters: Group folders and accounts into filtered views

You can group multiple email folders and accounts into a single email view using Folder Filters. You can also filter what types of emails are shown in Folder Filters.


Open the left side menu and tap on "Folder Filters". To the right of the folder filter title, tap on the cog settings button to edit the folder filters.
Tap on the "+" button at the top to add more folder filters. Tap on a folder filter to edit it.
The edit folder filter screen is divided into 2 parts. The top part is where you choose which accounts and folders to display. Use the "+" button under the folders heading to add folders. Tap twice on the trash button beside the folder to delete it.
The lower section allows you to add any filters you may want to use. This works the same way as advanced searches and rules (View). Tap on the "+" button in the lower section to add filters and enter values. See the search help section for more details. (View)

Once you have created Folder Filters, you can view them using the "Folder Filters" section in the left side menu. You can also add them to the left side menu for quick access. (View)

Folder filters can also be included in Split Panels (View) to make more advanced email views.

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