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Printing using Google Cloud Print

Please note, Google Cloud Print is retired at the end of 2020. The replacement for remote printing is the Print via Mobile data solution. View

Before you can use Google Cloud Printing (GCP) on your iPad or iPhone, you will need to set up Google Cloud Printing. Here
If you have any issues installing Google Cloud Printing, please contact Google.

Once you have installed Google Cloud Print and have printed a test page, then you can set it up in AltaMail
  1. When you get the the Print screen in AltaMail on the iPad/iPhone, tap on the "Choose" button.
  2. Tap on the "Google Cloud Printing" icon in the "Choose Printers" screen.
  3. Enter your Google Cloud Printer gmail address and tap on "Connect"
  4. You should then see the Google Login web page where you will need to login to enable printing
  5. If Google Cloud Printing has been set up correctly and the username is correct, you should be taken back to the Printers screen where you can select your Google Cloud Printing printer and print.

If you use Chrome on your Mac or PC to enable Google Cloud Print then make sure Chrome is running on the computer that is connected to the printer.

If the printer does not print then check your Google Cloud Print print job queue here. Check the status of the print job and see if there are any errors.

Also check out this Google Cloud Print page for help:

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