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Printing from a Mac to an iPhone/iPad

Once you install WePrint on your Mac, you can print almost any document to send to your iPhone/iPad as a PDF file.
  1. After installing and running WePrint on your Mac, open a document/web page in an application and open the Print window.
  2. In the Printer dropdown menu, select "Add Printer..." and then choose the "Send to Device @" printer displayed in the Add printer screen. This is the printer created by WePrint.
  3. After selecting the "Send to Device" printer, click on the "Print" button to send the document to WePrint as a PDF.
  4. The WePrint window should now appear with the printed document selected in the "Transfer" tab. All you need to do now is selected the iPhone or iPad that is running AltaMail and then click on the "Send selected Clips" button in the WePrint window.

AltaMail will need to be running and open on your iPhone/iPad which will need to be in the same WiFi network as your Mac running WePrint. If your device doesn't appear in the WePrint transfer list then check the AltaMail settings - "Clipboard" section. Make sure "WiFi clipboard transfer is turned on and perhaps close and open AltaMail again.

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