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Create new rules. Block sender address domains.

You can create a new rule for the email you are viewing by swiping left to right and tap on 'New Rule'. This will create new rule fields based on the viewed or selected email. If you select text in an email then you can also use that text as part of the new email rule search.

The new rule dialog will show various field options for the email. You can turn on field like 'From', 'Subject' or 'To'. If you have selected text in the email first then you can use the 'Message' field in the new email rule.

You can change the search match criteria for each field. You can choose to match with 'contains', 'equals', 'ends with' or other options.

For example if you wanted the rule to match all emails from an email domain or company, you could choose the following field.
From - Ends with -
Edit the From address in the new rule dialog to remove the email user address text at the start. Then all emails that are sent from will match the new rule.

Another example is if you want to block an entire TLD. Perhaps you want to block all email addresses ending with .xyz, .guru, .icu or .buzz You can then change the From field to look like this:
From - Ends with - .xyz

After the changes, tap on 'New Rule' to create the new rule. Then you can add a new action to delete the email in the email rule actions section.

You can also create your own rules and choose the "From" search field. Enter the search text in the text field beside the new search field.
Then choose and action for the new rule, such as delete or move to folder. More...

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