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Fixing notification problems, no notifications or sounds

For faster notifications, make sure you have turned on "Use push notifications (quicker)" inside each email account settings.
For Exchange, turn on 'Use Exchange Notifications'. For Gmail, turn on 'Use Gmail Notifications'.

Choose "Quick Notifications" in the selector below the "Use push notifications (quicker)" button. This will reduce notification filters, spam checking and email rules to make notifications almost instant.
"Quick Notifications" does not apply to POP email accounts.

Note: Your email content is only accessed on your own device inside AltaMail. Other email apps will read your emails on their remote servers to create notifications.

If you are not receiving notifications or badges or sounds, check these details.

Check if there is a red alert button beside the "Quick Notifications" setting. Tap on the alert button to show any error message.

Do not force quit AltaMail. This will stop all notifications and will not actually save battery power.

Check that notifications are enabled in the Apple device 'Settings' app. Scroll down to the bottom where the apps are listed and tap on AltaMail.
Tap on 'Notifications' and check that alerts, badges and sounds are enabled.

Open the app settings (View) - Email management section - Email Notification Settings. Check that there are no warning messages at the top of the notification screen about access.
If you see some status icons in the top right of the notification screen, tap on them to see what the description is. These icons display when sounds or notifications are turned off, and why.

Tap on Email Sounds to make sure you have a default sound selected. If you are using your own sound file, it may not be in the correct format for iOS notifications. View

Tap on the notification filters button and check if you have created any filters that would disable notifications or sounds.

Check that you notification schedule is correct for what you want. Tap on 'Email notification schedule'. The notification schedule will turn off sounds at night unless you make changes.

Check that your accounts have notifications turned on beside each email account name. Tap on the account name to open the account and also check the schedule, filters and sound for each account.

Once you have checked out those settings, follow these steps below:

1) Close AltaMail to the device home screen. Do not force quit.

2) Send yourself an email from another app.

3) Wait 5 minutes to check if you receive the email notification

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