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Improving performance.

If viewing and processing emails is a little slow then you can change settings to make processing faster. Speed can be impacted by the available RAM when you have a huge number of emails.
Normally AltaMail will only load the first 1000 emails. When you tap on the "More..." button at the bottom of the list it loads all emails. This may be slower on your device.
You can reduce the number of emails being viewed in the edit account settings (View). Tap on the Settings section. Then turn on "Max age (days)" (IMAP) or "Max emails" (POP). eg. set maximum age to 60 days.
Other apps restrict the email count automatically. AltaMail gives you control of these settings.

You can also change the "Max age (days)" or "Max emails" in the email folder settings when you view a single folder. This is in the action menu. (View)

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