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Quick Swipe Features.

The quick swipe features built into AltaMail enable you to quickly process all of your email. You can swipe left or right to display different options.
You can edit your swipe settings appearance and content in the bottom of the left side panel - Settings - Swipe Settings. You can display swipe options in a popup window, or as buttons beside the email, or disable swipes completely. View


You can use the quick swipe features when you are either in Inbox view or when you are viewing an individual email. Below is a guide to the quick swipe actions.

Delete - Deletes the email from the inbox and puts it in the Trash.

Spam - Mark an email as spam and move it to the spam folder or other actions. View

Reminder - This enables you to set reminders for email that need to be action at another time and will move the email from your inbox to the "Reminders" folder. See the section on reminders (View) for full details.

Done - The done button can have several actions set up so you can quickly clear your email with a single tap. Please see the section custom actions (View) for full details.

Set Flag - The flag feature enables you to flag and categorise your email. You can also set an action on each flag to "Hide email from inbox" once a flag is set. See the section on Flags (View) below for full details.

Move to Folder - This will enable to you move and file any email to a folder of your choice (Note: You can set up new folders by tapping the + button in the top of the choose folder screen).

Move to file - This enables you to save an email as a .eml file format and then delete the email. You can choose to move it to local storage or to a Cloud service by tapping on the down arrow in the "Select folder" screen.

Reply - This will create a reply email addressed to just the sender

Reply to all - This will create a reply email addressed to the sender and any other addresses will be in the CC list.

Forward - This will enable you to forward the email

Reply with template - The Reply All action enables you to very quickly send a personalised reply using a pre-made template. Templates can be created in the "Templates" section on the left sidebar. See the section Template and mail merge (View) section below for full details.

Print - This option enables you to print your email to any printer (not just AirPrint printers). Please see the section printing (View) for full details.

New rule - Once you tap this, you can choose various aspects of the email to be used in creating a new rule. You will be able to edit aspects of the rule as well as set actions that will be automatically perfomed when the criteria are met.

Mark as Read - This will mark any selected unread email as read

Mark as Unread - This will mark any selected read email as unread

Show email thread - This will show you the entire conversation of emails in another screen.

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