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Printing remotely using Mobile Data or remote WiFi networks instead of your own WiFi

If you want to print remotely to your office or home printers, you can use the "Print Remotely" option using WePrint.
Note: This feature also replaces "Google Cloud Print" but also provides many more printing and layout options.

Quick Setup Guide (Approximately 2 minutes)
  1. Download and install the free WePrint on your Mac or PC from here:
  2. Open the WePrint settings and open the "Print Remotely" tab
  3. Turn on the "Remote printing via an Email/Cloud server" option. Make sure you select the "WePrint Cloud" account type.
  4. Click on the "Copy Account Token" button and send the copied token to your iPhone or iPad. You can send this token via email or the WePrint transfer screen or another method. You should protect this token as it provides access to printing on your WePrint server.
  5. a) If you sent the token via email, tap on the link in the email inside your iPad/iPhone. This should open AltaMail and add the WePrint server
    b) If you copied the token then tap on the Print button inside AltaMail. Tap on "Choose" and then tap on the green "Print Remotely" button.
    Paste the token using the paste button beside the text field.
  6. After WePrint is added then you should see the green WePrint printers in the choose printer screen. Choose a printer with "Remote" under the name.

If you have any problems with setup then open the WePrint settings and open the "Print Remotely" tab. Tap on the "Delete Account" button. This will delete the account and all data so you will need to share the token for the new account with your iPhone/iPad again.
Then follow the process above to create a new "WePrint Cloud" account.

The "WePrint Cloud" account has end to end encryption so your data can only be accessed on your own devices. The print jobs are encrypted and only your Mac or PC has the password to decrypt the print job. As well as file encryption the print jobs are also transferred via secure SSL. You can delete all files from your account at any time using the "Delete Account" button.
The "WePrint Cloud" server is protected by data center security and only our CEO can access the server for software updates.
No one in our company or any 3rd party has any access any of your print job data. We do not collect any data relating to any aspect of your usage of our apps.

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