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Reply with Email Template

With AltaMail you can create a template (View) with merge fields so you can quickly send a personalised response.
This process can also be automated with rules. Tap here (View) to see how create a rule to auto reply with a template.

Follow the steps below to see how to reply with a template

    Reply with a template
  1. Create a new template if required using the steps here (View)
  2. Check to select an email, or open it
  3. Choose "Reply with template" from the action menu button in the top right of the screen
  4. Choose an existing email template or tap on the cog button in the top of the templates list screen to edit your templates
  5. Once the template is selected, you can send the new email like a normal email

  6. You can also tap on an email address in an email or on a contact to view the contact summary screen. Then you can tap on "Email with template" to choose and send a template to the chosen contact address.

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