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Rule overview and setup

Rules are extremely flexible and can be set up for a single email account or be set to execute across any accounts that you choose. Rules are based on criteria you choose and can carry out various actions such as auto reply with a template, file or archive an email, set a flag, delete, forward and more.


You can edit rules in the app settings (View) - Email Management section - "Edit Email Rules". Swipe left over a rule to delete it. To create a new rule tap the + button on the top right, name your rule and fill in the criteria and then the action. If you tap on "Email accounts" you can chose if the rule will apply to an individual account or all Favorite accounts.
You can change the order of rule processing by changing the rule names. Rules are processed in alphabetical order.

You can also set a rule up for the email you are viewing by swiping left to right and tap on "New Rule". This will create new rule fields based on the viewed or selected email. If you select text in an email then you can also use that text as part of the new Email Rule search.
You can also choose to add the new email fields to an existing email rule or create a new one. For example, if you have an email rule that blocks address, you can add new email addresses to that rule list using the "New Rule" dialog.

Tap to view a rule in the email rule list. The Actions section lists all of the actions to perform when the rule Search criteria matches an email. use the "+" button below the Actions section to choose new actions.

You can add Search criteria to the rule to define how a rule matches an email. Use the "+" button below the "Search" section add add searches.

When editing a rule, tap on the cog button to edit the rule settings, such as when the rule runs and what email accounts the rule uses.
"Match on any (or)" means that any of the search criteria that match will cause the rule to run. "Match on all (and)" will require all of the criteria in the Search section to match for the rule to run.
You can also tap on "and"/"or" between search criteria to switch the way that a rule uses the search criteria.

The cog button settings will also allow you to choose the email accounts and folders that the rule applies to. You can also choose when the rule runs, such as 'New emails', or daily or weekly.

You can also create more complex search criteria using "Nested Searches" (View). As an example, if you wanted a rule to match when the subject contains "Product" or "Service" and also require that the sender is either "Bill" or "Bob" then you can use "Nested searches".

Tap on the "+" button below the Search section and choose "Nested search".

You can use the search button in the top of the screen to find searches in an email rule when there are a large number. You can also sort the search fields in the action menu.

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