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Use flags and categories to organize your email

The flags/categories built into AltaMail enable you to quickly categorize your email. Flags are fully customizable and can with set with different colors, names and even have an image on them. Flags can also be set to hide email from your inbox but can still be viewed in the "Flag folders" section under "Smart Folders" in the left side panel.

There are three ways to set a flag for an email:
  1. Swipe right to left and tap on the "Set flag" option
  2. Tap on the empty flag icon displayed on the right had side of an email in the inbox view
  3. Check the check box beside an email and tap on the action button in the top right corner and select "Set flag"

Not all email accounts support all flag types. When you set a flag for an email, the flag screen will display which flags are available for the account. You can still set flags that are not supported by your email account but they won't be synchronized with other email applications.

To edit the flag names, colors, images and actions, follow the steps below
  1. Tap on "Smart Folders" list in the left side panel and then tap on "Flags"
  2. Tap the cog button in the top right to open the flag settings screen
  3. Tap on the "Edit" button in the top right of the flag screen to switch to edit mode
  4. Tap the "Edit" button beside the flag you wish to change and the various change options will be shown
  5. If you want a flagged email to be hidden from your inbox once it is flagged, toggle the "Hide email from Inbox" option to "On" for each flag

You can use flags and categories in email searches, filters and rules.

If you use Apple Mail then you can turn on a setting to sync the color flags with Apple Mail. Open the app settings. (View). Then open the "Email" section and turn on "Apple Mail flag compatibility".

If you want to sync email flags with other apps and devices you can turn on the sync settings in the edit account screen. (View) Open the "Advanced" account section and turn on the "Sync Email Flags" setting.

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