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Managing Spam

There are several options for handling spam and junk emails.

1) There is a swipe action to remove spam emails called 'Spam'. When you swipe over an email and tap on the Spam button, AltaMail will block that email sender and move the email to the Spam folder.
Use the swipe settings to change the 'Spam' swipe actions. View

2) Spam rules are available to mark emails as spam and also automatically move spam emails to the spam folder. Tap on the button in the bottom right of the screen with four boxes. Then tap on the 'Spam Filter' button to show the Spam rules. You can then turn these rules on or off and also edit their settings.

When you first use AltaMail the spam rule will only mark emails as spam with a flag. 🚫 You can also tap on this flag to edit the spam settings.

You can change the spam rule to also move suspected spam emails to the spam folder. Open the 'Spam Filter' screen and then tap on the 'Spam' rule to edit it. Then turn on the 'Move to folder Spam' button.

The 'Simple Spam Block List' rule will process spam blocked email addresses for you. New emails with addresses in the spam block list will be moved to the spam folder automatically. Emails in the 'Known Senders', contact list and 'Spam Safe List' will not be marked as spam.

The 'Spam' rule will use a Spam detector to find Spam emails and process them. When AltaMail is first installed, the 'Spam' rule will be enabled but it will only mark emails as suspected spam with a red flag. Tap on the red flag on an email to view and edit the spam settings.

The spam score value changes how sensitive the spam rule is. You can change the spam score value or turn it off if good emails are being marked as spam. (View) The Spam rule may not detect all Spam emails so you can use the Spam action as well.

You can choose to turn on the 'SpamAssassin' score if your email provider uses SpamAssassin. This does not run SpamAssassin on your iPhone/iPad and uses the SpamAssassin field in your email headers.
For advanced users, the 'Spam Score Required' will run some checks on your incoming email to see if it thinks it is spam. It is important that you read the section on the 'Spam Score' as some other emails that are not spam may be moved in error. View

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