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Block a spam sender address or domain

To quickly block an email address as a spam sender, swipe and choose the "Spam" action. This will move the email to spam and also block the sender.

You can also manually block an email sender address or domain. Tap on the 'From' address in an email to open the contact summary screen. In the bottom of the contact screen, tap on 'Spam Status'. Then in the spam screen you can tap on the 'Block for Spam' button to block an address. In the bottom of that screen you can do tha same for the email address domain. You can unblock an address or domain that is listed as blocked by tapping on the 'Add to Spam Safe List'.

You can manually edit the Spam Block List in the app settings screen. View. Then open the Email Management section. Then you can tap on Spam Block List or Spam Safe List. You can add or remove email addresses or domains in each list.

When you send an email, the recipient address is added to the 'Known Senders' list which is also checked as part of the spam rule checking. Open the app settings (View) - Email Management - Known Senders.

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