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Split Panels: Combine multiple views into a single screen

Split Panels allow you to create custom panel or card layouts combining multiple email views. You can create very advanced email views built to your own requirements.


You can choose split panels when viewing email folders. Tap on the action menu (square with arrow button) in the inbox or email folder view. Tap on 'Split panels' and then choose a saved split panel to change the email list layout.

To edit your own split panels, open the left side panel and tap on "Settings" near the bottom and then tap on "Split Panels".
Tap on the "+" button at the top of the split panels screen to add more split panels. Tap on a split panel name to edit it.

The edit split panel screen allows you to add new panels using the "Add" button at the top. Choose from a large range of options, such as reminders, email folders, Folder Filters (View), account categories, email accounts, saved searches (filters), flags etc. Tap to select the options and go back to the edit split panel screen to add them.

You can drag the 3 lined button to the right of each panel to change the order. Tap twice on the delete button to the left to delete a panel from the list.

You can also tap on the settings cog button beside each panel to edit options. You can set the limit for the number of emails that will be shown. For no limit, tap "+" until the no limit message is shown. Placing a limit of the number of email rows will save space in the list, but you can tap on "Show all" below the emails in the panel to show all.

When emails could be included in multiple panels, the priority will choose which panel will contain emails. Otherwise the order in the split panel list will define the priority.

You can choose the "Sort by" option to sort emails in a different order than the default screen sort selection. For example, you could sort reminders in reverse date order to show the most recent first.

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