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Synchronize settings across devices

You can synchronize most settings between your devices. eg. Email accounts, reminders, rules, searches, notification settings, appearance etc.

Open the app settings (View) - Email Management section and then you can turn the "Synchronize settings" on or off. If this setting is not available, make sure you have iCloud Drive enabled on this device. This is Apple's help for enabling the iCloud Drive option in the Settings app:

You can tap on 'Details' to choose individual sync settings for items.

Your settings are synchronized and protected using your iCloud account. If you have problems with data syncing, open the Files screen in the left side panel, then tap on Cloud servers and tap to open 'iCloud'. Create a folder or import a file into the iCloud server. Now open the iCloud server on another device and check that the new file/folder appears there too. You may need to check your iCloud settings, such as syncing over WiFi only.
Items are synchronized when they are saved, so you can edit an account or rule etc. and closing the screen will save the item being edited.

You can clear all synced data from iCloud with the "Clear" button, but make sure you turn off syncing on all devices before you do this. Otherwise items such as rules, filters etc. will be removed from other devices.

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