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Viewing email details

The email detail screen shows more detailed information about an email.
You can view a summary of email details by opening an email and tapping on the "i" button in the top of the email. You can also show the details in the action menu (square with arrow button) when viewing an email or in the folder list view. Select the Details menu item.

Spam Status If an email was checked by the Spam email rule then the Spam Status will appear to show the results of the Spam check. View

Received This is the time that the email was received by your email server.

Sent This is the time that the email was sent by the sender.

Time zone The time zone can display the local timezone for the sender. The time zone can also be from the email server that the email was sent from so it is not always the actual user time zone.

External images This is a list of images in an email that are loaded from a remote server.

Possible Trackers Trackers are remote images that look like they track when emails are opened. These are usually hidden inside an email and send a read receipt to the sender. You can turn off external images and trackers using the 'Load Remote Images' setting. View

Location This displays the location where the email was first sent from. This is usually the network location of the sender device. This may also simply be the email server that was used to send an email so it can sometimes be different from the actual sender location.

You can tap on the '...' button beside the location title to fetch the location and then you can see it on a map.

Note: Your personal information is never shared by AltaMail. The location search uses the information already available inside an email that is inserted by email servers.

Sender IP Address This is the network address of the sender device or email server. You can use this address in email rules and filters. View
If there are other emails sent from the same network address, then the email totals in each folder will be displayed below the address label.

Web Page Links This displays a list of all web page links in an email. You can see the labels and the actual web address that would be opened when you tap on it.
If you see a warning icon then the email is probably hiding a different web address beneath the web address that it shows you. This can happen in phishing emails.

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