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Printer setup

For a start, you can print the "Quick start" file inside AltaMail.

AltaMail will print directly to most printer models without extra software, but we recommend you install the free WePrint printer sharing software if you have any problems connecting to your printer, or if your printer has a USB connection.
Install WePrint on your Mac or PC from here
  1. After installing WePrint on your Mac or PC, open the Print window (View) inside AltaMail.
  2. If you are not taken to the choose "Printers" screen automatically, tap on the "Choose" button
  3. Your network will be searched to find WePrint on your Mac or PC. Make sure your Mac/PC and your iPhone/iPad are using the same WiFi network. For 3G/4G or a different WiFi, you can use remote printing (View)
  4. Tap to select your printer name with the green WePrint icon
  5. If you do not see WePrint printers, then tap the + in the top right and enter your WePrint server address manually. If it still does not find WePrint then see our connection troubleshooter (View)
  6. After selecting your printer, tap on the "Print" button in the Print screen to print.

You can tap on the "Printer Options" button in the Print screen to change settings such as page size, margins, etc.

If you get a blank page or have any issues, tap here to go to the troubleshooting section (View).

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