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My device says "Error connecting to the server". It can't find the WePrint server.

If you have problems connecting to your printer or the print out is blurry or too light, here are some options try.
Try rebooting your network router.

Open AltaMail, tap on the print button and then tap on "Choose" in the print screen. Tap on "AirPrint" in the choose printer screen to see if your printer is found that way.

Otherwise, our free WePrint for Mac/PC can help track down any print quality and network connection problems.
WePrint is installed on your Mac or PC and shares your Printers so you can print from your iPad/iPhone.
Install WePrint on your Mac or PC from here:

Make sure WePrint on your Mac/PC and also the iPhone/iPad are in the same network

Do you have 'WePrint' displayed in the 'Server' field in the 'Print' screen in AltaMail?
Tap 'Choose' in the 'Print' screen > 'Choose Printers' screen > tap to select the green 'WePrint' icon with your printer name and 'Available' underneath.

On rare occasions connection problems occur and are usually caused by your Firewall. Check the Windows help page to make sure your
firewall isn't blocking connections. Try turning off your firewall temporarily to test it.

In the app print screen, tap on the "Choose" button. In the next screen tap "+" and if it doesn't find it automatically, enter the WePrint server details.

Try also changing the WePrint port number in the WePrint Settings - Advanced tab. Set the custom port number to 8081 or 8082 etc. Make sure you change the port on your device too if you do this.

Check that your device is connected to your Wi-Fi router with a password if it needs one. Some routers allow guest access with no password, but that blocks access between devices in the same network.
If your router has password access, enter it in your iPhone/iPad settings.
Some routers have a feature in the router Admin screens called "AP Isolation". This will block access between devices. Check that "AP Isolation"/"Wireless Client Isolation" is off.

If find after trying all of these steps you are simply blocked for no reason, or you want to print via 3G/4G you can use the Print via Mobile Data (View) option.

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