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Improving print quality using WePrint

If printed documents do not print with the same quality as your computer, then you can change the WePrint settings to improve the print quality.

WePrint will share your printers so your iPhone or iPad can print. First you need to install WePrint on your Mac or PC from here:
Installation details

Using WePrint is usually enough to print with the best quality.

If you find you need even better quality for some document types, then you can use these these steps:

1) Click on the "Settings" button in the WePrint Window on your computer.

2) Click on the "Apps" tab to show the external applications settings.

3) Enter the doc type of the document you are printing in the "File type" field and add it.
eg. enter "pdf", or for a Word doc, enter "doc" or "docx" into the File type field.

4) Click on save to save the settings

5) On the iPhone or iPad, tap on the Printer button and then tap on the Choose button on the Print screen, and select the WePrint computer again. This is important to refresh the settings.

6) Now you can print and it will use the computer's default application for printing the document type, eg. WePrint will open Word to print .doc files.

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