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Import files from other apps

You can transfer files from other apps to FileCentral.

Method 1 - Multitasking on supported iPads with iOS 11
Open the Files (or Web Browser) screen inside FileCentral
Slide up from the bottom of the iPad screen to show the app bar. Tap and drag on another app (which supports drag eg. Photos, Safari, Files) to the right of the screen to create a split screen.
Tap and hold on document, photo or other content to drag to FileCentral to save or print.

Method 2 - Use "Open in" from your other app and select FileCentral. This option should be available in most apps when selecting files and using an action menu

Method 3 - Use "iCloud Drive" from your other app and tap on "EuroSmartz Apps". This will save the documents from the other app in the iCloud folder inside FileCentral

Method 4 - Use a Cloud Server to share the file with other apps

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