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Import files from your Mac or PC

You can move your Mac files to the "EuroSmartz Apps" folder on "iCloud Drive". Then you can access these files inside Print n Share in the iCloud Server screen. It will take a short while for the files to transfer and appear.

You can also follow the steps below to import files from your computer using WePrint
  1. Make sure you have WePrint installed on your Mac or PC. Download and install WePrint from here
  2. Open WePrint on your Mac or PC and click on the "Settings" button and then open the "Sharing" tab
  3. Half way down the Sharing tab screen you will see a button with "Choose" on it, click this and then select the folder you wish to use to share your files. This may be your entire Documents or My Documents folder, or you may wish to have a separate folder just for files your want to transfer to the iPad/iPhone
  4. Go to your iPad/iPhone and open Print n Share, go to the Files screen in the left side panel. Tap the "+" button and then tap on "Import"
  5. In the Places screen, if WePrint is not listed then tap "Add Server". Print n Share should find WePrint automatically, if it doesn't check our troubleshooting section (View)
  6. You will now see a list of files and documents that is the contents of the folder you selected
  7. Tap to select one or more files and then tap "Import"

You can also retrieve files from Cloud servers, see the cloud server (View) section to find out more

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