Troubleshooting OWA/Outlook/Exchange email setup


The most important step is that you use your webmail login address in the "OWA Url" field. When you log in with your browser and get to the login page, use that address from the browser address bar in the OWA Url field.

There are 3 things to try if you are having problems connecting to OWA or collecting email using the OWA account type. These will depend on how your Exchange server is set up.

1) Try using your full email address as the username. If that does not work got to #2

2) Switch your username back to the old username that wasn't your full address. Then add the following in the "Resource" field in the email account settings. Slide the Advanced slider to show it.

add:   /Exchange/

ie. insert your full email address instead of "" after the /Exchange/

3) Try changing the "Resource" field to this: /username/
Where "username" is the username you use to log in with, not your email address.

If you are still having further problems then please use the support contact to send us the issue you are having

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