The One Place to Manage Files
... on iPad or iPhone

Combine All of your files

Files from Cloud Servers, Mac/PC, other Apps & Devices.

Use the multitude of file access options to not only collect files from many locations, but move, print, email and transfer them.

Files, Videos, Attachments and Images can be moved from other applications to be stored centrally, and then secured with an app password or Touch ID.

"This is the Finder of iOS!"

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Clipboard & File Transfer

Paste copied content to other devices.

Copy an address, phone number, photo or web link and paste it to to your iPad, iPhone or Mac/PC. No need to mess around with emails for quick transfers.

Send a Photo from your Album to a friend across the table, even without a network! Use Bluetooth or WiFi to send photos, text, files and more, directly to another iPhone or iPad. You can even use WiFi to send content to a Mac or PC.

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From Photos to Files... and back

Share and Transfer your Photos and Image Files.

Save your Album Photos as files and move to your Cloud server or Mac/PC. Image Files can be uploaded to your Photo Album or sent to another iPhone or iPad.

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Add even More Power

Expand to Convert and Edit PDFs and Print to ALL Printers.

You can quickly add more features eg. Convert any document, web page and other content to PDF format, even merging multiple documents.

Expand the printing options to Print to ALL printers, not just AirPrint. Print to the same printers as your Mac or PC. Print Preview and print remotely over your cell network without WiFi.

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Press Kit

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