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Use your location to change your inbox layout - Work-life Balance #4

Most devices are being used for both business and personal emails and being reminded of work emails is stressful when you are out of the office. One of the most powerful ways that AltaMail helps work-life balance is to remove work related emails from the main inbox when leaving the office. You can choose to apply a schedule to an account, or even link accounts to locations such as your office or home. The "split screens" feature of AltaMail can also push personal emails to the top of your inbox after hours, and push work emails lower down in the list, or remove them completely


To set up your locations, open the left side panel and tap on 'Settings' near the bottom and tap on 'Locations'. By default there are 3 locations, 'Default' is for any location not in the other locations. You can add more locations using the "+" button at the top of the screen.

Tap on a location to edit it. In the edit location screen, the top panel contains the locations that define the overall location group. You can use the "+" button at the top of the screen to add a new location. Locations can be defined by the either the current network id, or a geographical location or a schedule. When you add (or edit) a geographical location, you can search for addresses or scroll the map to choose a location. Tap on the size "+" or "-" buttons near the top right to change the size of the location area.

The network location criteria will use the current WiFi network to determine if you are in the location.

You can also choose a schedule for a location. For example, you can choose Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm as the schedule for your business location. Editing schedules

In the edit location screen and you can choose the panel that will be displayed when you are in a location. You can choose a simple view like an email account or account category (View), or choose from a wide range of options such as Folder Filters (View) or Split Panels (View).
As an example you could choose the "Work - home" split panel to be displayed when you are in the "Business" location.

Tap on the "Locations" button in the left side panel to see your emails filtered by location.

If you want to use your locations screen as your default for the top button menu in the side panel, open the app settings (View) - 'Email' section and choose the "Default screen"
To show the location unread emails in the AltaMail badge, edit the notification settings (View) and tap on the badge button.

You need to enable the location access in the device 'Settings' app. Scroll down and tap on AltaMail - Location. Enable the 'While using' access. Your location is never shared and does not leave your device.

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