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Make notifications smarter with clever filters and custom actions - Work-Life Balance #3

Controlling email notifications can often need something more than just a schedule. Some emails are more important than others and some emails are just not worth a notification at all. AltaMail has a smart notification filter that can easily filter out emails that don't really matter and skip the disruption.
You can also create your own notification filters that change the behaviour of notifications and sounds. For example, change the email sound based on who the email is from or a particular subject. Notification filters can also be used to override the "Do Not Disturb" schedule so you will still receive notifications for important people or topics after hours.


You can open the 'Email Notification Settings' screen by tapping on the button with 4 squares in the bottom right of the screen. Then tap on 'Email Notification Settings'
You can also open the app settings and view the 'Email Management' section. Then tap on 'Email Management'. (Settings) Scroll down and tap on 'Email Notification Settings'

If you want to set a filter for all accounts tap on the "Filters" button in the top section of the screen.
Otherwise you can open an email account by tapping on it, and then tap on "Filters" under the account.

The quickest way to filter notifications is to turn on the 'Smart Notification Filter' in the filters screen. This will only show notifications for emails that are not newsletters and other email lists. You can tap on the cog button to edit the smart notification filter for more options.

In the smart notification screen, tap on "Any sender' to choose which email senders will show notifications. You can choose to receive notifications only for contacts. If you choose known senders then you will see notifications for contacts and anyone you have sent en email to before. Otherwise other senders will not show a notification.

You can choose which priority emails get notifications with the 'Any Priority' button. For example, you could disable notifications for low priority emails.

If for some reason, you do want to see notifications for mail lists and bulk/automatic emails, then you can turn those options on too. You can simply turn off the Smart Notification Filter in the previous screen to see notifications for all emails.

You can also create your own notification filters. These filters can either turn off notifications or enable notifications based on which actions you choose.
Note: It is important that you choose the correct option for the button at the bottom of the screen. There are two modes for notification filters:
1) Notifications are off. Filters can enable notifications. - This option will turn off notifications and you will need to add filters with the 'Notify' action. Otherwise you will receive no notifications at all.
2) Notifications are on. Filters can disable notifications. - This option will turn on notifications and you will need to add filters with the 'Disable notifications' action. Filters with the 'Notify' action will have no effect but you can use filters to change sounds.

Tap on the '+' button in the top of the screen create a new filter and type the filter name.
Then add the criteria you wish to use for the filter using the "+" button below the 'Search' section. Notification filters are edited much like searches. (View)
To customise the notifications, tap on the '+' button in the 'Actions' section and choose the action you require. You can add multiple actions by tapping by "+" button again.
You can choose to enable notifications by choosing the 'Notify' action. You can override any 'Do Not Disturb' schedules you may have using the 'Ignore Do Not Disturb' action.
You can use the 'Play sound' and 'Disable sounds' actions to change the notification alert sound.

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