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Schedule time without email interruptions - Work-Life Balance #2

Trying to complete tasks with constant email interruptions can be a tough balancing act. Often you end up starting new tasks from the new emails and by the end of the day you have completed nothing. It is important to schedule quiet time without new email interruptions so you can work uninterrupted. Mobile devices are used for more than email so simply putting your phone in a drawer isn't practical.
What AltaMail can do is allow you to schedule quiet periods of the day by setting times when new email is checked automatically. Many tasks require sending emails so you need to open your email app to send those emails. You can avoid being distracted by seeing new emails while you are sending other emails.
You can choose to override the send schedule for important emails or from certain people. If you have some downtime between tasks, you can do a manual refresh of the inbox to get new emails.


To set up your periods of quiet time, tap on the "Work-Life Balance" button in the left side panel. Then tap on the "Restrictions for checking new email" button.
You can choose to edit the settings for all of your email accounts, or just some.

Tap on 'Schedule' to create a schedule of multiple times during the day when new emails will be checked and displayed. (Editing schedules) You can choose which days are used for checking emails too. eg. for Business email accounts. Use the green switch on the right to turn on restrictions for one or more days. You can disable email checking for a whole day by setting the start and end times to be the same value.

Tap on "Locations" to choose which locations are ok to check for new emails. For example, you could use your office building location to allow new emails to checked. (Editing locations)

If you want to allow some emails to override the checking schedule, tap on the "Allow high priority emails" button. This will create a filter to override the schedule. Tap to view this filter and add more filter options using the "+" button. For example, you could add the "From" field and choose some contacts or email addresses for emails that will be received immediately.
To turn off this filter, delete all of the filter fields with the delete button to the left of each field.

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