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Sending email out of hours - Work-Life Balance #1

One of the most important aspects of work-life balance is the problem of sending emails after work hours. Sometimes it is useful to spend some spare time, such as travelling, to get a head start on your emails to try and clear your inbox. Unfortunately, sending email late at night usually results in even more email to take care of. People who receive an email from their manager or colleague after hours often feel obliged to respond quickly, even if they are told not to.
But it does feel good when you are clearing your inbox and you are on your way to 'Inbox Zero'. The key is use this spare time to catch up but not have the emails sent straight away. AltaMail provides several options for sending email later during working hours.


The simple way is to choose 'Send after' from the action menu when you are editing an email. Then you can choose a date and time for the email to be sent.

You can also create email schedules to limit when sent emails are actually sent. Emails sent outside of the scheduled times will wait until the time is right to be sent.
To automate a delay for sending emails after hours. Tap on the "Work-Life Balance" button in the left side panel.
Then tap on "Restrictions for sending email". You can choose one account or use "All accounts" to apply the new restriction to all accounts. For example, you could choose to only delay emails sent from your business email account.

You can tap on the schedule button to create one or more time windows to allow emails to be sent. (Editing schedules) You can choose which days are used for sending emails too.
Emails sent outside of the schedule will be delayed until the scheduled time.

You can also choose a location that allows emails to be send. For example emails will be delayed when you are out of the office or after hours. When you return to the office location, your emails will be sent automatically. (Editing locations)

You can send an email immediately if you choose. When editing an email out of hours, do a long tap on the send button. This will show the option to send immediately or later.

Emails that are sent out of hours are queued up in the outbox. If you change your mind, you can send emails from the outbox by tapping on the schedule or location icon on the right of the email. This will ask you if you want to send the email now.

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