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Getting Started
What is the difference between AltaMail and AltaMail Go?

AltaMail has many more advanced features than AltaMail Go. These include multiple accounts, Email Rules, File Manager/viewer, custom actions, choosing swipe actions, faster notifications with filters/scheduling, contact email sounds, editing the side and drop down menu, send later and many many more.
You can see all of the AltaMail Features here. Tap here.

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App Settings

To edit the AltaMail Go app settings, tap on the 3 lined button in the top left of the screen. Then tap on the cog button in the top of the side panel.
You can tap on the title of each settings section to open the settings for that section.

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Add/Edit/Delete Email Accounts

AltaMail Go supports virtually all email account types, IMAP, Exchange, POP3, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Verizon, Comcast, iCloud, BTInternet, PEC and many more.
It has a set up wizard that will help you with all the details of your account. Simply enter your email address and password (if needed) and the set up wizard will do the rest. Use the "Manual" button to create an account with your own settings.

To create a new email account, tap on the 3 line button in the top left of the screen to show the left side panel.
Tap on the "Accounts" button near the bottom of the side panel.
Tap on the "+" button beside the Accounts button to add an account.

To edit accounts, tap on the "Accounts" button in the left side panel and then tap on the cog settings button beside an account.

You can delete accounts by editing an account, scroll down to the bottom of the edit screen and then tap on "Delete Account"

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Edit Email Accounts

To edit email accounts:

Tap on the 3 line button in the top left of the screen to show the left side panel.
Tap on the "Accounts" button in the left side panel and then tap on the cog settings button beside an account.

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Edit Email Account Settings

To edit your email account settings:
  1. Open the left side panel with the button in the top left of the screen (3 lines).
  2. Scroll down and then tap on the "Accounts" button.
  3. Tap on the settings icon (cog) beside the account name to edit the settings.
  4. Tap on each of the blue heading buttons to display different options.

Tap on the "Test" button in the top right to test your account settings.

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Advanced Email Settings

You may want to adjust some of the standard email account settings within AltaMail Go. Tap on the 3 lined button in the top left of the screen to open the left side panel. Tap on the Accounts button to show all accounts and then tap on the cog button beside the account to edit the account settings.
Tap on the "Advanced" section to view the advanced settings.

Auto refresh opened folders - This setting will refresh folders when you view them. Otherwise you can drag the email list down to refresh it.

Auto check email folders - This sets the folders that you wish to be refreshed automatically, even when you are not viewing the folder.

Folders - View and edit the folders for the account.

Preload email content - This will load the message summary of a new email and leave attachments for later.

Preload whole content - This will load the message and attachment content of a new email.

Delete from server (only shows if "Sync incoming mail" is off) - this enables you to set when a message in the trash will be deleted from the server.

Sync "Read" status - This will show any email that has been read in AltaMail Go, as being read in your other email software (and vice versa).

Sync Flag status - Flags set in AltaMail Go will also show in your other email software (and vice versa). Note, some account types don't allow custom flags so those flags will be set inside AltaMail Go and not on the email server

Sync incoming email - This will ensure email that has been deleted in AltaMail Go will be removed in other apps, and vice versa.

Trash mail folder - This enables you to choose the folder that deleted emails are sent to.

Sync sent email - This will synchronise any email that is sent from AltaMail Go with your other email software (and vice versa).

Save sent mail - If your email account doesn't automatically save sent email to the sent folder, turning on this setting will save your sent mail instead.

Sent email folder - You can choose the folder that sent emails are saved in.

Sync drafts email - This will synchronise any draft email in AltaMail Go with your other email software (and vice versa).

Drafts email folder - This setting will save your drafts on your email server for access in other software.

Usage - This enables you to set the maximum storage limit AltaMail Go will use on your iPad or iPhone for this particular account. Once this limit is reached, older email content will have be reloaded from the email server when viewing.

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Sending Email Settings

Different settings are used for sending emails than from receiving email, unless you are using Exchange
Open the email account settings screen. () Then tap on "Outgoing Mail Server" to view the outgoing settings screen.
If your email server needs a username and password, turn on "Requires Username".

You can change advanced connection settings such as SSL in the "Advanced: section.

Tap on the "Test" button in the top right to test your account settings.

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Synchronize settings across devices

You can synchronize most settings between your devices. eg. Email accounts, reminders, notification settings etc.

Open the app settings () - Email Management section and then you can turn the "Synchronize settings" on or off. If this setting is not available, make sure you have iCloud enabled on this device.

Your settings are synchronized and protected using your iCloud account.

You can clear all synced data from iCloud in the "Synchronize settings", but make sure you turn off syncing on all devices before you do this. Otherwise items such as reminders etc. will be removed from other devices.

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Sending Email
Advanced sending options

When first installed, AltaMail Go shows a more basic send email screen. To see the advanced options, tap on the "..." button at the top of the new email screen.

The advanced options incl;ude "CC", "BCC", choosing the "From" address/alias and adding/editing attachments.

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Preloading emails and saving mobile data, 3G/4G

You can choose to preload emails when they are first read from your email account. This will save time later, but will use more storage space and network data.

In the edit email account settings () you can open the 'Advanced' section and change the preload settings. 'Preload email content' will download the email message. 'Preload whole email' will download the message and attachments.

When you are viewing an email folder, you can tap the check emails and then select 'Download email content' from the action menu to download email messages and attachments.

There is an additional setting for preloading data when using a mobile data network. In the app settings (), open the 'Email' section and tap on 'Conserve Mobile Data'. You can change the preload settings there which will apply when you are using mobile data.

'Save sent mail' will wait to upload emails that you send that need to be saved into the 'Sent' folder. This will wait until a WiFi network or a period of days until it uploads the emails. You can see the sent emails waiting to be uploaded in 'Queued actions' in the 'Smart Folders' in the side panel.

'Sync draft' emails will wait to save your draft emails until you are on WiFi or after a few days delay. This applies to accounts that have draft email synchronization turned on.

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Manage your Email
Set reminders for an email - "Snooze"

You can set a reminder (snooze) for an email so that you will get a reminder later and/or the email will be hidden from the inbox.
Swipe left over an email and choose "Reminder" to open the Reminder screen.
Note: The swipe action may be different if you have changed the swipe settings. Also check the action menu in the top right.

You can chose when to set a reminder or choose your own time in the reminder screen.

You can change reminder settings (such as hiding reminder emails) in the app settings - Email Management section ()

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Use flags and categories to organize your email

The flags/categories built into AltaMail Go enable you to quickly categorize your email. Flags are fully customizable and can with set with different colors, names and even have an image on them. Flags can also be set to hide email from your inbox but can still be viewed in the "Flag folders" section under "Smart Folders" in the left side panel.

There are three ways to set a flag for an email:
  1. Swipe right to left and tap on the "Set flag" option
  2. Tap on the empty flag icon displayed on the right had side of an email in the inbox view
  3. Check the check box beside an email and tap on the action button in the top right corner and select "Set flag"

Not all email accounts support all flag types. When you set a flag for an email, the flag screen will display which flags are available for the account. You can still set flags that are not supported by your email account but they won't be synchronized with other email applications.

To edit the flag names, colors, images and actions, follow the steps below
  1. Tap on "Smart Folders" list in the left side panel and then tap on "Flags"
  2. Tap the cog button in the top right to open the flag settings screen
  3. Tap on the "Edit" button in the top right of the flag screen to switch to edit mode
  4. Tap the "Edit" button beside the flag you wish to change and the various change options will be shown
  5. If you want a flagged email to be hidden from your inbox once it is flagged, toggle the "Hide email from Inbox" option to "On" for each flag

You can use flags and categories in email searches, filters and rules.

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Bulk delete multiple emails, or other actions

You can select multiple emails with the checkbox to the left of each email and then tap on the delete button to delete the selected emails.

You can also select all emails in a folder with the ✓ button at the top of the screen. Then tap on the delete button to delete them all.

You can also perform other actions on multiple emails such as 'Mark as read', 'Move to folder' etc. Use the action menu (square with arrow) button in the top of the screen after selecting emails.

To select some emails to delete, such as older than a date, you can do this.
Tap on the search button to show the search bar and then tap on "More/..." to show the advanced search (). Then tap on the "+" button to add a new search field for the date of an email, select the "Before" comparison and enter the date you want. Delete any other filters with the trash button.
Do the search and then tap on the ✓ button at the top to select all emails and then tap on the delete button.

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Edit, delete and make new email folders

Tap on the "Folders" button in the left side panel. Then tap on the folder button beside an email account to show the folders.
In the top of the folders list, tap on the action menu to create a new folder, or rename a selected folder.
When you check an email folder, you can use the delete button at the top to remove the folder.

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Locking the AltaMail Go screen. Protecting your app data.

You can choose to lock access to AltaMail Go and its data using a setting. Open the app settings () - Application section, near the bottom. Tap on 'Application Password' and then you can choose when to lock the app screen. You can enter your own password or a pin code. Note: if you forget your password/pin then you will need to reinstall the app.
You can also choose to use the touch id fingerprint unlock option if your iPhone/iPad supports it.

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Contact access

If you are getting a message in AltaMail Go about contact access, then you need to check your device access settings.

Open the Apple iPad/iPhone "Settings" app > Privacy > Contacts > AltaMail Go. Check that AltaMail Go is set to "on".

Also open the Settings app -> General -> Restrictions -> Contacts (near bottom). Check that AltaMail Go is set to "on".

Also tap into the Settings app > Scroll near the bottom and click on our AltaMail Go. Turn on "Contacts".

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Editing Contact details

To edit contact details follow the steps below
  1. Tap on "Contacts" in the side panel
  2. Choose a contact group, and either use the search or scroll to find your contact
  3. Tap on the contact to view the summary and then tap on "View contact" at the bottom of the summary screen.
  4. Tap on Edit in the top right to edit the contact details.

Note: The first time you run AltaMail Go you will have been asked if AltaMail Go could access your contacts. If you tapped "No" you will not be able to see your contacts in this section. To fix this go to the device settings app, scroll down to AltaMail Go and then turn on contact access

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Create a new contact from an email address

You can add contacts from addresses in emails you send and receive. Tap on the email address to view the contact summary screen. You will then see the options to create a "New Contact" or "Merge with contact". "Merge with contact" will add the email address to an existing contact that you select.

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Email Search Overview

The search features in AltaMail Go are easy to use, but also allow a very powerful range of search options if needed.

For a simple search, tap on the magnifying glass button in the top of the Inbox. Type some text in the search field and the text will be matched with all details of an email, eg "From", "Subject" etc.

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